Victoria Lutzhoft, also known as Mama Vic, is a mother, wife, and friend. She is a Feminine Embodied Business Coach who blends motherhood and business. She works with new entrepreneurs by helping them connect to their soul-based gifts and move from course consumption to content or program creation.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Digestion as a practice
  • Actively choosing the expanded version of you every single day
  • If it’s not aligned, it won’t go!
  • If it doesn’t feel good to create, it won’t feel good to receive.
  • Getting to know what is true about yourself and creating your life from there
  • Actively choosing motherhood
  • The practice of creating a vision around how you want anything to go (including your baby’s birth!)
  • The practice of asking, “How could this go right?”
  • Living in truth as a mothers so our daughters can see what’s possible
  • Living in pleasure as access to being the best version of you

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