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What if this experience is the perfect one? Instead of trying to control and manage everything, what if you allow yourself to look at this moment with an abundance mindset? View this moment as one that is happening for a reason and that is leading you where you need to be—even if you don’t know where the destination is yet. Taking a second to gather yourself and view things in this light can help you see the world through the lens of possibility, while also allowing you to remain committed to your future. Think about what is possible today. How would things change for you and how would you move forward?

In Elena’s Weekly Coaching Tip, you’ll be inspired to expand your perspective and ask yourself what would happen if your current experience is the perfect one. In Elena’s interview, she talks with powerhouse coach, Christine Sachs. She is the President and CEO of Christine Sachs Coaching, a Master Certified Coach, and a coach trainer for Accomplishment Coaching. She doesn’t like bacon or ice cream, but she loves helping people step into their identities as disruptors. Together, Elena and Christine talk about owning who you are, being responsive to others’ needs, the difference between coaching, consulting, and therapy, and how your mindset has a powerful effect on those around you.

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