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Can you unblock creativity? So many people believe that they aren’t creative, either because they do not see themselves as creative or because somewhere along the way, someone told them that they weren’t creative. But that’s simply not true. Everyone is creative—it’s just that not everyone has accessed their creativity.

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena provides three tips for how you can access your creativity. In her interview, Elena speaks with Bethania Baray-Harrison. Not only is she a new mom, she is also the Director of Education and Civic Programs at Opera Memphis, a recipient of the McCleave Fellowship in Directing from Opera Memphis, a committed advocate and liaison for the Latinx community, and a rising social media influencer. In Elena’s words, “She’s light. She’s love. She’s passion.” In their conversation, they talk about Bethania’s journey from New Mexico State University to becoming the Director of Education and Civic Programs at Opera Memphis, the future for the healing, connective power of opera, and how the arts create opportunities for underserved populations.

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