Nikole Mitchell has had an incredible journey. She has gone from being a good girl to a free woman, from a pastor to a stripper, and from making no money to $30k-$100k months, No longer afraid of disappointing people, she’s living unleashed. She’s no longer getting lost in people’s opinions and instead tuning into the still, small voice inside of her and trusting that voice above all else.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Being trained that “women can’t lead” and to “be appropriate”
  • The cultural and religious demonization of desires
  • Coming home to your sensuality and being expressed
  • Accessing divinity and spirituality through sex
  • Being fully expressed and integrated
  • Standing for women to have orgasms and pleasure!
  • Letting go of shame when you realize you don’t have to prove anything!
  • Triggers as an access point to see our pain
  • Creating a purpose as an expression of your soul
  • Creating sexy content that’s also soulful
  • Bringing a different level of authenticity, passion, intimacy into the sex industry
  • Expanding your ability to allow and receive as a woman

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