Segev Perets is a Personal/Lifestyle Transformation Specialist and founder of The Way of Fierce Love, a program for men who are ready to go all in to become who they know they need to be. According to his son, this dedicated dad is “a hippie vegan weirdo who’s actually pretty cool”. Segev shares his guiding philosophy of trusting ourselves and listening to the wild calling of our hearts in order to give our highest service to this world. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • Receiving messages of sexual shame from childhood and putting desire to the side
  • Building a life from pleasing others and making the choice to make a shift
  • Learning to love ourselves and love ourselves fully
  • Owning our sexual desires around variety and exploration
  • Creating approval for desire through the simplicity of decision
  • Realizing if a desire is in you, it’s ok!
  • Creating intentional celibacy
  • Desire is “of the father”
  • The difference between impulse and desire
  • Pleasure as an activator or barrier for the Feminine
  • Desire as a form of power
  • Men are meant to serve the world (or “fuck the world” as Segev says!)
  • Creating approval for men’s desires

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