I have been a fan girl of Allie Monday’s for a few years now. She’s the woman-centered boudoir photographer known as Lady Groove. She’s a former abstinence educator who worked through years of her own shame and eating disorders to create a gorgeous business that is all about empowering women to love ALL the parts of their bodies. She is a stand for women to accept and love their bodies and be fully expressed in the world! She’s also a gorgeous example of a HUNGRY woman who is feeding herself:

Listen into this juicy episode as we discuss:

  • What opens up when you ask women what they love about their bodies
  • Owning your turn-on and desire as a woman
  • Creating containers, safety, and holding so that women can let go, heal, and surrender.
  • Shame as the idea that we “Should Have Always Mastered Everything”
  • Body worship and dancing as a way to move through shame
  • Creating a pleasure mapping practice
  • Eating from desire as a way to get free and fill up as a woman
  • Gift yourself with the gift of believing yourself

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