Shaun Leisher is a Theatre artist, “new play doula,” community organizer, and curious being. For me, he’s a great example of a man who is in an honest, grounded, vulnerable conversation about his sexuality and is staying true to his value of being a Christian. He tells it like it is (including a fun recent experience trying out 69 for the first time), and he lets us in on the path he’s been on to let go of years and years of sexual shame. Think about it – it really takes something to be on a public forum talking about your sex life with such aliveness and realness!

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Growing up in a Pentecostal church and guilt and shame
  • Penetrative Sex as distinctly different than Sex (and the social conditioning we have around this)
  • Play in sex as access to silliness and letting our bodies be what our bodies be!
  • Doing things for the first time in sex and the fun awkwardness in that
  • Letting our bodies be what we want them to be
  • Relating to sex from curiosity
  • Making requests in sex that come from generosity, not “right/wrong” or “good/bad”
  • Tools to work through shame: finding like minded people and bringing shame to the light
  • Being a Christian and accepting yourself as a sexual being
  • Shaun’s desire to create spaces for men and boys to talk about sex and shame
  • Toxic Masculine vs. Divine Masculine

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