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Who else feels a little anxiety when they talk about finances? Depending on your background, the topic of money can unearth feelings of stress, shame, or confusion. These emotions can be exacerbated according to the state of your accounts. However, you don’t have to be bound by your past – or your present – financial situation. By taking action now, you can step forward onto a path that builds wealth for you and your family.

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena shares an action plan so you can navigate your finances and be in a position to create generational wealth. In her interview segment, Elena speaks with entrepreneur and financial advisor extraordinaire, Gretchen Meyer, an amazing woman who decided to take action and achieve her own financial independence. Her story is one of vulnerability, courage, strength, and inspiration. Through her journey, you’ll be encouraged that a financially tenuous past does not equal a financially unstable future, financial independence is attainable on your own, and your setbacks can be what propel you to the life you always dreamt of.

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