EP36 – Embodied Resilience: Success Despite Chronic Pain with Emily Golden
Emily is an Entrepreneur, who owns two businesses.  She is also a yogi, wife, and a Mother of two amazing children both who have special needs.  And if she didn’t have enough on her plate, she also struggles with chronic pain that stems from a degenerative spinal condition.  Emily was born missing six discs in her cervical and thoracic spine, which has become increasingly more painful and challenging with age. 
What’s incredible about Emily, is despite the chronic pain, she is unstoppable.  She realizes that life is precious and tomorrow isn’t promised.  Through relentless determination, she has created two businesses.  She coaches mothers who want to dispel limiting beliefs and become more empowered, many of whom also have children with learning differences and she has a coaching practice in which she works with CEOs.  She is committed to being a powerful role model demonstrating what’s possible for women and children, as well as showing those who suffer from chronic conditions that they can create the life of their dreams.   
Emily shares how all the challenges she faces she uses as fuel to live her best life, how she creates a balance between work, life, and her wellbeing, and why sharing her condition enables her to create deeper connections with others. We also discuss self-forgiveness, honoring your needs, creating supporting partnerships and learning to trust yourself.     
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In this episode, Emily makes a reference and uses the terminology Breakdown and Essence.  She and I wanted to give credit to Accomplishment Coaching, The World’s Finest Training Program, where she learned and incorporated this term into her work.  You can find more information about Accomplishment Coaching here:  www.AccomplishmentCoaching.com