EP23 – Do You with Carly Twisselman.
Thanks for listening to another episode of The DreamMason® Podcast. Today’s guest is not only a tough, rodeo and barrel racing badass, but she’s also a talented, funny and beautiful model and actress.
In doing this podcast I get the experience of speaking with a lot of interesting and inspiring people. But I must say Carly Twisselman is one of the most unique yet. She is a professional Rodeo Athlete as well as an Actress, TV Host and Model.
Carly is nothing short of impressive. She’s inspirational and dynamic, and in this podcast, you’ll learn how a sixth generation farmgirl is building her dream of winning The National Finals Rodeo – The Superbowl of Rodeo. And as if that’s not enough, she’s also creating the time to host “Ride TV,” be the face of Gypsy Soule, and book movies, tv shows, and modeling contracts.
One of the best parts of this conversation is where Carly shares how she created the Rodeo team at UCLA. She did it in partnership with the school – a school which she attended for acting. Not only did they not have a Rodeo *team,* but they were totally unfamiliar with its existence. Carly finds ways to make life work, training her horses herself, driving herself across the country, auditioning, having a relationship and somehow making it all work.
She’s unwilling to settle and to not have the life of her dreams. One of the most interesting things about Carly is that she always related to her farming background as weird, and she tried to hide it and be different. But it was when she embraced her true self, and where she came from, that everything began to work for her.
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