EP51 – Distorted Minds: a conversation
For the first time on The DreamMason Podcast we are bringing you quadruple the insight, entertainment, and motivation. Four men, each from different parts of the county, with various backgrounds, careers, and experiences will be sharing their journey’s as Men. 
Appearing on the show:
Ben Fox, is a native New Yorker and an advocate for those willing to create their wildest dreams and become their best self.  He also thinks lunch is the best meal of the day.  Ben is an Associate Certified Coach, Mentor Coach with Accomplishment Coaching and an actor.  As a coach, he has successfully worked with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners.  
Clem Cribbitz is a self-described Southern Gentleman, who knows the ins and outs of “hard labor.”  Clem plays it safe: he’s traditional and doesn’t believe in taking risks.  
Joe Luddovich, aka Grandpa Joe, is a 92-year-old Korean War Veteran and, drum roll please,  officially the oldest guest to appear on the podcast.  Although he is long retired from his successful career as a lawyer, he reads and exercises daily to stay sharp.  
Mike Dangly, aka Motivation Mike, is a 36-year-old competitive weightlifter, personal trainer and self-proclaimed motivational expert.  Mike is recently engaged, doesn’t take any B.S. and believes in being the master of your own destiny.  
On this episode of The Dreammason Podcast, Alex Terranova moderates a conversation with these men on various topics. Including, but not limited to:
-Masculinity and being a man in the world 
-Male Vulnerability 
-How we deal with and process Change,
-The way we as men relate to women––especially powerful women
-Embracing the feminine alongside the masculine
-The voices in our head that hold us back and keep us from creating the powerful lives we want to be living. 
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Alex Terranova is a DreamMason and a Performance & Mindfulness Coach. He works with Leaders, Creators, and Innovators; those brave enough to build their dreams. If you’re a high performer looking for an edge, with a desire to expand your leadership, generate more money, more time and feel more fulfilled, working with Alex will support you in making that life a reality.