EP60 – “Creating Improves Lives” 
“Creativity and innovation is when you change the way people live their lives.”
Ashton & Brittany Harvey
Our guests today are husband and wife entrepreneurs and business partners, Ashton and Brittany Harvey, the Co-Founders of Yellow Threads Co. Yellow Threads isn’t your typical clothing line, much like Ashton and Brittany aren’t your everyday entrepreneurs.  Yellow Threads mission is to instill hope and confidence into the lives of men, women, and children living with cancer, it is a  fashion line for people who need port access in their health battles with cancer.   
Brittany and Ashton are brave, courageous and determined to help others, raise awareness, and create a successful brand. They are not experienced entrepreneurs or fashion designers.  Brittany is an oncology nurse and Ashton was in sales, and what I love about them is they didn’t let their lack of experience stop them from pursuing their dreams of helping those suffering with medical conditions to live an empowered life defined by themselves, not their diagnosis.   
On this episode of The DreamMason Podcast we discuss:
-Yellow Threads Co. it’s purpose and mission
-Creating an opportunity
-Not stopping because you don’t know how
-The hardships and challenges involved with helping others
-Relationships, marriage and business partnership
-Importance of communication
-Perspectives and choice
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