Prepare to be inspired as Nick Shucet engages in a captivating podcast episode with Corey Ganim, a successful entrepreneur and MDS member. Corey takes us on a thrilling journey from discovering Amazon through a YouTube video to leaving his corporate job and diving headfirst into entrepreneurship. Experience Corey’s evolution from retail arbitrage to wholesale success, as he shares his strategies for scaling, building supplier relationships, and prioritizing profitability. In this podcast episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Corey Ganim discovered the world of Amazon selling through a video by Reezy Resells.
  • The crucial role of an entrepreneurial mindset and family support in life-changing decisions.
  • How Corey left his corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship.
  • The impact of implementing financial management principles from the book “Profit First” in Corey’s business.
  • Insights into the shifting perceptions of work and entrepreneurship in today’s dynamic landscape.