Brandon Smith is a leading expert in leadership communication and curer of workplace dysfunction. Known as “The Workplace Therapist,” Brandon is a sought-after executive coach, TEDx speaker, author and award- winning business school instructor. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, CNN, Fox, NPR, Forbes and many others for his expertise. His book The Hot Sauce Principle: How to Live and Lead in a World Where Everything Is Urgent All of the Time helps readers to master urgency so they can more effectively lead others, manage others’ unrealistic expectations, and prevent burnout at home.

The Hot Sauce Principle: How to Live and Lead in a World Where Everything Is Urgent All of the Time helps to master urgency so you can more effectively lead others, manage others’ unrealistic expectations, and prevent burnout at home.


-Feelings can be like cardio

-Emotions are date and like hot sauce

-When emotions run high the waters are deep

-Anger is always a defense against vulnerability, it’s like armoring up

-Better ways to communicate in relationships

-Let’s talk about urgency in an everything is urgent world

-Urgent vs Important vs Crisis

-The Right Amount of Urgency

-Trust = Credibility (Authenticity + Vulnerability) 

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