Connection is the Root of all Healing with Shawna Mox

Shawna Mox is a highly skilled dance fitness instructor and transformational coach, whose journey into feminine-style group dance began in 2013. Trained as a Hot Buddhi Yoga teacher by renowned mentor Jen Liming, Shawna’s initial insecurities about her body and movement did not deter her from starting her teaching career. Embracing her passion, she later received training in Shakti Flow, a program developed by Jess Abner, which became the foundation of her unique teaching style, combining feminine movements with high-energy pop and hip-hop grooves.

Beyond her work as a dance fitness instructor, Shawna’s experiences as the front woman of an 8-piece funk band and her journey through transformational work ignited her fascination with self-inquiry and personal growth. In 2017, she completed a year-long program with Accomplishment Coaching, further enriching her understanding of transformation and empowerment.

After overcoming a significant life burnout, Shawna channeled her passion for movement into creating her own program, BomBooty. Centered around the healing and empowering aspects of community connection and self-inquiry, BomBooty aims to facilitate deep healing and transformation for all participants. Shawna’s ultimate vision is to inspire a world where individuals feel comfortable, powerful, and liberated in their own bodies, contributing to a more beautiful, loving, and peaceful global community.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What does embodiment mean
  • How do we transform our lives through movement
  • Alex shares about feeling out of control and being out of his comfort zone
  • Fear and disconnection
  • Feelings and emotional dynamics in relationships
  • Masculine and feminine dynamics
  • Movement and transforming your body and life
  • Connection is the root of all healing
  • Outside in healing vs inside healing
  • Taking Sexy Back
  • We are here to be in this body and use our body to connect with the spirit

You can connect with Shawna Mox here:

Facebook: @shawnabw

Instagram: @shawna_mox


You can connect with Alex Terranova here:

Instagram: @InspirationalAlex



Alex Terranova is an Executive & Leadership Coach, Performance & Success Alchemist, Author, Men’s Retreat Leader & International Speaker. Yahoo Finance dubbed me “The Anti-Excuses Coach,” and I am the Co-Creator of The Alchemy of Men Retreat, which is reimagining conscious men’s work & the Co-Creator of Your Love Adventure, an innovative, fun, & adventurous new take on dating.

Since 2007 I have led and supported leaders and teams in operations, people, HR, and franchising in the Hospitality and Technology Industries, opening over 15 locations across the country and overseeing the training of hundreds of franchisees, managers, and team members. Since 2015 I have professionally coached hundreds of successful and influential individuals & businesses to thrive financially, enjoy better relationships, and achieve more, all with less stress, drama, and difficulty.

As a Professional Certified Coach & the Founder of DreamMason Inc., I have uniquely combined raw, direct, and bold masculine tactics with magnetic, playful, and spiritual feminine ease. I am passionate and believe Integrity, Commitment, Vulnerability, Trust, and Faith make up the core of Authenticity, which provides access to living an exceptional life of abundance, love, & joy.

My work has been featured on NBC, FOX, Yahoo Finance, The Good Men Project, Disrupt Magazine, Thrive Global, and Elephant Journal. Additionally, I have worked with athletes, entertainers, executives, & leaders in; MLB, LinkedIn, Shutterfly, Godiva, Chase, Million Dollar Sellers, and Coldwell Banker.

I support people in creating real results, integrity, enjoyment, and peace so that they can be empowered and successful in what deeply matters to them and build effective teams and their legacy.