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We will make a clear and unambiguous call for those in the coach training space to interrogate how issues belonging, equity, diversity and inclusion can become more visible in our profession. If this is to happen, it will require those engaged in the training of potential and would-be coaches understand the differences between individual and group level experiences. The need for Coaches, and more specifically, coach trainers, to do the necessary self-work related to issues of belonging, diversity, equity and inclusion is long overdue. Our topic will invite Coaches to identify their own social identity blind spots, and to discard feelings of shame and/or blame in pursuit of developing a more expansive and robust coaching offer.


Sukari Pinnock  is a Cisgender, heterosexual woman and a member of the Black Diaspora. She is a Baby Boomer, living with some degree of socio-economic privilege as a U.S. National. She has no religious affiliation, however does consider herself a Pantheist — believing strongly that the “Universe Provides.” She is the daughter of a Jamaican immigrant father and South Carolinian mother, and was raised with one sibling in a middle-class, multi-racial neighborhood in Los Angeles. Now residing in Northern Virginia, Sukari has been coaching leaders in all sectors for over 18 years, supporting clients in the U.S. and abroad.

Amber Mayes is an African American & Greek, Gen X, heterosexual, Cis woman. She grew up in the Boston area in a fairly racially diverse working class neighborhood. Raised in a multicultural household by an African American father from Georgia and a Greek immigrant mother, she developed an early passion for helping people communicate across differences. In the past 20 years Amber has developed a global leadership coaching and organization consulting practice that integrates issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She is based in Northern California and is a proud auntie of the best 6-year-old on the planet!

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