Born in India, I grew up with mind-numbing social contrast confronting me with every breath, and I still ricochet between dark despair and exultant wonder. As outside, so within – a hall of mirrors reflecting my own abundance and poverty, disarray and elegance, limitation and possibility. My life has been a journey of finding that place I call HOME, the still center, where I hold all polarities with simplicity and love. I believe we all have a similar search for home, where we can come back to our true selves. I dedicate my life to facilitating that journey for myself and for others. For more than a decade, my central focus has been to bring change into the world of children (new consciousness) through educational spaces and family life. I am the founder and Managing Trustee of a non-profit AURA ( ) that provides free education in India. I am also co-founder of Stones2milestones (, a for-profit that is changing the way children learn in India. After a successful beginning in education I was introduced to transformational coaching through a simple conversation with a friend. The profession seemed like a natural springboard for me and I have been hooked ever since. Today I have a thriving coaching practice and am a faculty for coaching with Leadership That Works ( My work is as diverse as the country where I was born. Since 2010 I have also been very active in the field of Organisational Development with an emphasis on Visioning,

Leadership Development and Team Synergy. My deep spiritual core is brought to life in my coaching and facilitation style. I am known for my positivity, for holding and creating clarity – situational and conceptual, as well as for supporting compassionate action. I am versatile and creative in designing and approaching the exploration and learning. I am author of the book 99 Marigold Mornings – a book of prayer poems. ( Mornings-Prayer-Everyday/dp/1945621842) At present I am pursuing a certification in NVC and in Trauma Healing through Somatic Experiencing. I hold a degree in education and have training in best practices in education under the umbrella of Project Zero, from Harvard University. I have also undergone professional development in Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Human Process Work, the Bay NVC Leadership Program and am a certified Hogan Personality Inventory Coach.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed till it is faced.” James Baldwin At this disruptive time in history, we probably have more collective courage to face all that needs deep change, and we have more responsibility to make life giving choices. Before every powerful choice comes crystal clear clarity, and as coaches that is one of the greatest values we add to our clients – deep clarity. It is the bed rock of alignment and possible action. We can no longer work with the individual without addressing the system that surrounds the individual. Our coaching must bring in larger dimensions and finer nuances of awareness, especially with respect to the client’s connection to their living world and how it includes or excludes them. We need to highlight the currently held lens on isms and understand the silent but ubiquitous presence/influence of social systems, in each moment of coaching. Acknowledging and holding this in awareness expands and matures the coach’s presence and it opens more for the client to get curious about, which will lead to greater clarity, alignment and possibility for the client.

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