Episode Summary

Understanding Cognitive Distortions is quite helpful as an inclusion practice, because often the thoughts of exclusion come from the culturally inherited hidden and distorted thinking, and linguistic patterns. In this discussion, listeners will learn how to identify the most common cultural cognitive distortions as well as how to select effective coaching inquiries based on those distortions. Tijen will explain her tried and true technique of Genco Method Reconstructive Inquiry© (GMRI©) with the audience. This technique brings mindfulness along with evidence-based methodologies, to create a unique and effective approach to coaching. Tijen will also offer examples of language that are used in English to enable heightened awareness towards linguistic patterns that contribute to disharmony within the society. This may offer opportunities for listeners for self-directed change as well as opportunities of growth for their ability to re-cognize such patterns in the coaching conversations and support client’s self-awareness about them.

Guest 1: Tijen Genco 

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