We are joined today by Amy Lau, who shares her story of coming to America as an immigrant child. She learned how to survive and thrive in her new country. She shares how she came to love the country she moved to. Overcoming barriers is difficult, but it is not impossible in a great country like America.


{06:07} The language barrier for a new immigrant

{10:02} From a child immigrant to an entrepreneur making $100 million in sales.

{14:00} Overcoming the fear of selling.

{19:50} The two false perceptions of sales

{23:15} Starting a business with very little capital.

{27:53} How an immigrant can be motivated to push through barriers.

{34:23} Showing Gratitude to those who have helped us.

{37:00} The freedom that is worth preserving.

Amy Lau Bio:

Amy has over 20 years of experience in sales and consulting leadership working with startups and global enterprises like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, and Salesforce. In her career, she’s generated over $100 million in revenues and won several sales and President’s Club awards. Her unique blend of human connection and client-relationship experience has led her to a career coaching business owners on taking their sales into hypergrowth. She specializes in helping leaders and sales teams navigate today’s fast-paced sales environment to create a clear strategy and path to enduring success in the midst of fierce competition.

She helps her clients build connections with prospective clients by seeking to truly understand their business visions and challenges so that they feel their needs are seen and heard. Creating this connection bridges, the gap to deeper understanding and trust, which fosters partnerships and sales. This values-based approach builds lasting relationships with customers that transcend the immediate opportunity, to create lifetime raving fans.

Amy draws from her degrees in Business Administration and Literary Fiction to create a unified vision that spans from the big picture of the entire company to the unique personal story of each stakeholder so that the sales process offers a compelling narrative that resonates strongly with the whole organization and creates win-win opportunities that lead to big results.

Connect with Amy:

Website: https://thewaufactorusa.weebly.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amy-lau-05828b9

IG: https://www.instagram.com/waufactor/?hl=en