Chapter Nine of the OG’s of Coaching, the OG’s talk about Where they Want to Bring Coaching!

The OG’s of Coaching features 5 coaching leaders, icons, trainers, and experts of the field who cumulatively hold well over 100 years of coaching experience. Our goal, to introduce you to the leaders of this rapidly growing industry and to provide history, advice, training, and some humor for all the future OGs of Coaching.

Your Host, Christopher McAuliffe, Master Certified Coach, founder of Accomplishment Coaching and leader in the field since 1996: & Accomplishment Coaching 

Joining Christopher here in Season 1 are:

Rich Maxwell is a Professional Certified Coach, and leader in the field since 1996: Maxwell and Associates 

Dr. Don R. Booz, an author, Professional Certified Coach, master practitioner in neuro linguistic programming with a background in marriage and family therapy: Dr. Booz- Booz and Associates, Inc

Larry Williamson a Master Certified Coach and Author: Larry Williamson

And Dr. Patrick Williams, author, speakers, master certified coach, and psychologist turned executive coach: 

Dr. Patrick Williams

Produced by Alex Terranova and Accomplishment Media