This was an impromptu episode recorded yesterday, March 10, 2023, with Ashton Buswell and me, days before my wedding.

Ashton is one of the most successful and top professionals in the solar industry, a father of four daughters and a husband to a while he deeply loves and respects.

Ashton lives The Dream Life and has created it with intention, discipline, commitment, love, faith, and a lot of integrity.

We talk about :

-going beyond your fears in sales, door knocking, or whatever prevents you from launching your business powerfully.


-Being a father to four daughters

-The work we have done together

-What is a Dream Life, and how does one create it

You can connect with Ashton Buswell here:

Instagram: @ashtonbuswell

You can connect with Alex Terranova here:

Instagram: @InspirationalAlex



Alex Terranova is a Performance & Success Alchemist, Coach, and Author, a Breaker of Limiting Mental Beliefs, and a recovering asshole. He is the docile tone behind hundreds of podcasts and was named 40 over 40 in podcasting by Podcast Magazine. Legend has it he’s also a former reality tv show villain and was dubbed “The Anti-Excuses Coach” by Yahoo Finance. Since 2015, he has coached hundreds of successful & influential individuals & businesses to thrive financially, enjoy better relationships, and achieve their stretch goals and deepest desires, all with less stress, drama, and difficulty.

As a Professional Certified Coach, he has uniquely combined raw, direct, and bold masculine tactics with magnetic, playful, and spiritual feminine ease. For his clients as well as himself, he is passionate about and believes Integrity, Commitment, Vulnerability, Trust, and Faith make up the core of Authenticity, which provides access to living an extraordinary life of abundance, love, & joy.

Alex is the author of Fictional Authenticity, the forthcoming book How Dreams Are Built, and the co-author of the bestselling book Redefining Masculinity. He has been featured on NBC, FOX, Yahoo Finance, Disrupt Magazine, Thrive Global, and Elephant Journal.