Break the Rules with Perri Chase

Episode Summary

Bring everything you believe in and your open mind to what else is possible. In this episode, Perri Chase shares her non-traditional approach to coaching from ego, to magic, the feminine and masculine distortions and everything in between. If you have ever contemplated “why you have to destroy things or beak them down to build something new back up”… Tune in to hear about guest Cailin McDuff and host Alex Terranova have to add to the conversation with Perri.

Guest: Perri Chase

Show Notes

-Discussed Conscious Community House with guest host Cailin McDuff

-Why you have to destroy things or break them down to build something new back up

-Teacher vs coach

-Unique expression, get training and then make it your own

-magic and energy, letting your business run itself

-feminism and masculine distortions

-what are you in service to

-service vs customer service

-desire and surrender

-the 3 voices of ego

-toxic mimic of magic

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