Joy grew up in a meditation home in Bangkok, Thailand, where meditation was a regular practice. She had the good fortune to be a model, and she eventually rose to the top of Thailand. Her spiritual practices have aided her in real-world success, as she has learned the foundations of business womanhood and the value of responsibility and discipline.

Joy created her first spa, concentrating on health, beauty, and wellness, in 2013. She began in real estate and eventually built their own spa in 2013. Since then, the spa has flourished and gotten a return on investment, making it a thriving business.

We have several obligations as entrepreneurs, including operations, marketing, accounting, and finance. We must also be able to communicate their strengths and weaknesses to others.


{03:34} Joy’s journey

{07:00} How mediation can help your business thrive.

{10:00} From modeling to entrepreneurship in the SPA business

{17:30} Overcoming the fear of failure.

{31:00} How to have success in America when you come from the East.

{42:15} Receiving the medal of honor from the Queen of Thailand

Joy Vanichkul Bio:

Joy is an entrepreneur. As a well-being specialist, yoga and meditation teacher, as well as a former international supermodel and TV host, she’s the founder and CEO of Wellness of Joy, where she helps people achieve balance, Joy, and stress-free living using tools and techniques from eastern Ancient medical knowledge and Western evidence-based science. She’s also currently launching her Intelligent Beauty Method program globally.

Joy was born into a meditation family in Thailand. She began to meditate when she was just seven years old and was very fortunate to be taught by one of the greatest meditation team masters in the East. Her journey continued to the Himalayan mountains, where she was initiated into the ancient language of Himalayan master’s by With Yogi, Joy began her modeling career at age 16 and quickly became one of Asia’s top supermodels and TV hosts. With her entrepreneurial spirit, she created an open sense of Joy spa. It was an instant success and grew into multiple locations.

She also added her medical spa and beauty product lines. The whole thing became A multi-million-dollar business with a team of 200 staff and 20,000 members. She received prestigious international awards for Best New Spa and achieved the highest sales award for her product line in Thailand. As a reward for her services, Joy was presented with the Medal of Honor by Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand.

Joy is also a co-founder and director of the Meditation and Yoga program at Tree Academy in Los Angeles, CA.

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