In this interview Cosmos Dar interviews Leanna Schwend. Leanna is an entrepreneur, pharmacist, education specialist and small business owner. She is the owner of Yellowstone Pharmacy which is based in a small town from rural eastern Montana. Her pharmacy promotes health and wellness beyond the script through pharmacist lead clinical services, as well as carrying quality products. Her store strives to empower patients with chronic conditions to live well via education, nutrition, fitness, and access to medication. Leanna promotes a family centered and community focused business culture and is committed to offering personalized care. Diabetes education is very near and dear to her heart. She has made it her mission to encourage and show patients that they can not only survive with diabetes, but also thrive. She hopes to make a global impact with a premier digital curriculum that will aid and be of service to all patients with Type 2 diabetes. In this interview Leanna discusses the challenges of operating a small pharmacy in a market which is dominated by big businesses. Additionally, Leanna discusses the important rolls that community, family-oriented, small businesses play.


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