Alison Pena aka Bad Widow coaches clients to tap into their innate resilience and take back their lives after loss with stories, insights and strategies. After losing her husband to pancreatic cancer in 2016, Alison designed new ways to re-engage, reinvent, and rebuild back to life, work and even love.

Everybody experiences grief after losses but very few understand how to handle grieving or communicate about it to their support networks. Learn how to re-engage, reinvent and rebuild after loss of a person, job, relationship, financial or health breakdown after loss without suppressing or ignoring the grief.

  • Alex’s Tulum and Love Adventure
  • Choosing to work in a “sad” area of coaching
  • Grief and Loss
  • Processing Loss
  • Work/Relationships/Community the areas of connection and healing
  • Little goals help you move forward through grief
  • Creating solid ground to support you to heal and move forward
  • How to support someone who is grieving
  • Planning to control the uncomfortable
  • Dating Again