Ian joins us to share his journey into the world of aviation and the lessons he learned that he uses today to help people thrive in communication and create relationships that last.


{02:54} Ian’s journey

{06:50} Having an evolving vision.

{09:50} Overcoming fear of flying.

{11:55} The greatest lessons learned from the aviation industry.

{14:57} Business lessons learned from aviation.

{18:27} The four parallels between pilots and business

{23:10} The biggest challenge Ian faced in the aviation industry.

{25:15} Advice for someone with low self-esteem

{27:28} Advice for anyone starting an aviation career.

{29:33} The American Dream from a British perspective.

Ian Norris Bio:

Ian is a business owner and a public speaker. He also has aviation in his blood. He spent most of his life in and around aircraft and airports, and his work experience includes everything from refueling to the maintenance of aircraft of all types. In addition to flying aircraft both in the general aviation and airline arenas, he’s also passionate about excellence in communication.

Some years ago, he realized some similarities could be found between communication between pilots and air traffic controllers and communication between people and the business world. Now Ian shares those similarities with those wishing to take their relationships and communication to a new level, and he does so with colorful and interesting real-world examples in speaking engagements.

He earned a degree in aeronautical engineering while on an apprenticeship. At British Airways. And his bachelor’s degree in English. After moving to the United States

Connect with Ian:

Website: https://www.tangoflight.org

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ian-norris-28901b4b