From New York Times bestsellers to Pulitzer Prize candidates, Milli Brown empowers authors as the founder and CEO of Brown Books Publishing Group (BBPG), known as The Entrepreneurial Publisher for Entrepreneurial Authors®. Ms. Brown forged a New Era in Publishing® in 1994 by launching a fiercely independent publishing house with an innovative business model that is now recognized by the industry as The First Hybrid Publisher™. Milli Brown’s commitment to authors–building successful relationships and developing award-winning books for those who wish to retain the rights to their intellectual property-is the cornerstone of her company. This dedication has resulted in a roster that includes CEOs, business professionals, media personalities, sports figures, celebrities, and bestselling authors. 

This topic deals with an overview of book publishing. Listeners will understand the entire publishing process and be able to choose which option is best for their projects. Hearing from a veteran of the publishing industry who knows the business from the ground up will allow them to tune out the (often contradictory) advice they might haphazardly find on the internet and help them make an informed decision. When a book is finally published, listeners will have an answer to the common question “what next?”. Suggestions on how best to market and sell their book empower listeners to take their project to the next level.


-Creating the first hybrid publishing house

-Building a business against the odds and against the industry norms

-Choice is where opportunities lie

-Creating relationship publishing and creating a new paradigm of publishing

-Should everyone write a book?

-Writing and publishing horror and success stories

-Why coaches should write books

-The process of writing and publishing a book

-Extreme publishing makeovers

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