Today we have an interview with the guest, founder, and CEO of Solutions UI UX. Harish Beeram was born and raised in India and came to the United States to pursue his Master’s degree in mechanical engineering. After he struggled to find a job, he had to let go of his mechanical engineering degree. Harish picked up software engineering and became an architect and technologist. Harish shares his passion for making life easier for the next generation, and people with disabilities.


{03:15} Harish’s Journey from India to America

{05:50} Moving from a degree in mechanical engineering to becoming an entrepreneur.

{14:30} Biggest lesson learned.

{17:10} Seeing failure as data collection.

{20:50} Finding hope in a hopeless situation.

{26:50} America from the point of view of an immigrant

{32:15} Overcoming challenges and finding the American Dream

{34:35} Finding ultimate happiness.

{40:55} Enable the world.

Harish Beeram Bio:

Harish Beeram envisioned to provide opportunities for the disabled to thrive, live a life of fulfillment, and know the world desires for them to live a life of full potential. is charged to ensure technology does not by-pass the disabled. To Enable the Disabled!

Connect with Harish: