Some people wait around for their dreams to come true. And when it comes to love, some hope to meet that special someone in a bar or while in line for coffee. Other’s hope a friend might fix them up, some begrudgingly swipe through apps, complain about being single and others pray The Bachelor will call. But not Alex Terranova, who Yahoo Finance Dubbed “The Anti-Excuses Coach” who won’t accept excuses when it comes to his love life. When he wants something he creates it, so when he grew tired of the traditional dating modalities he created his own. A real-life bachelor dating adventure relationship experiment with his friends picking the winner, who will receive a free trip with him to Tulum. 

Alex has applied mindsets, practices, and an attitude that he’s learned and developed as a coach and implemented them into his life. What started as a joke between friends has taken off being shared over 50,000 times. Social media posts have gone viral increasing visit rates to his website by over 4000% percent, On Facebook his page is up 10,000%. He’s been asked to appear as a speaker in dating/relationship courses/classes/workshops, podcasts, and even the local news is curious.

Alex Terranova, is a Professional Certified Coach, Author (Fictional Authenticity, and Co-Author of the Best Seller Redefining Masculinity), Host of The DreamMason Podcast, The Frequency Shifters Show, and Co-Creator of GETLOUD!

If you want to know more about Alex you can find him on IG @InspirationalAlex, his books (Fictional Authenticity Redefining Masculinity), listen to The DreamMason Podcast, The Frequency Shifters Show, or check out

Also joining us on this episode is a special guest, Alex’s Cousin, who is one of the judges on The Tulum Panel. Brittany sheds light, insights, and perspectives into the thought process of this wild experiment.  

Brittany Cotton, a Professional Certified Coach, who has worked with leaders at well-known companies such as Amazon, Nike, Microsoft, and LiveNation; professional athletes, executives, and other thought-leaders in the coaching industry. She is also a Program Leader and the Chief Registration Officer with Accomplishment Coaching, You can learn more about Brittany here: