EP 191 Alter Your State with Mo Cisse

Join Mo Cisse and Alex as they discuss how fashion can have a positive impact on everyone’s life.

Mo Cisse has made a clear commitment to his purpose of elevating people’s lives in everything he does. Originally from Guinea, West Africa, he has been in the U.S for over 20 years. He is a proud Alumni of the University of San Diego.

As someone who has an unwavering commitment to the betterment of local communities and the wellness of humanity, he was recently invited to be a founding member of a global effort to make San Diego the Conscious hub of the world through the Global Coalition of Conscious Contributors (GC3). His biggest passion came to fruition a few years ago as the Founder and CEO of MERAKI ALLURE, a high-end environmentally conscious clothing line that also offers a wide range of Image Consulting services and made-to-measure suits and gowns.

Additionally, as a multi-lingual immigrant, he strives consistently to encourage diversity and collaboration amongst like-minded individuals for a greater cause. His newest mission was recently launched to provide multiple personal development products through his new company The AMERICAN ALLURE, which now houses Wholistic Lifestyles Coaching.

Whether he is dressing men and women for success or coaching them to live out their passions, Mo will always continue to light in this world while ensuring generations after him can benefit from the work we do today.

In this episode we discuss:

– Having your cake and eating it too is the dumbest saying ever

– Scarcity vs abundance

– Coming to America

– Toughest = Best

– Hiding identity to be safe

– Impact on fashion

– Building clientele

– Commitments to connect to people

– Say yes opens doors

– Toughest thing about being

– Clothing as armor

– Alter your state

You can connect with Mo Cisse here:

Instagram: @MoCisse

Facebook: @MoCisse

LinkedIn: @MoCisse

Website: www.MerakiAllure.com & www.TheAmericanAllure.com

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