Deborah D. Miller has a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology and is a Trainer and expert in EFT Tapping. She is also a Reiki Master, Life Transformed CoachTM and internationally-renowned author.

Since 2007, Deborah has been working with children suffering from cancer, helping them and their care-givers alleviate the fear, anxiety, and stress arising from serious illness, and to better understand the need to cleanse and nourish the physical body as an integral part of the healing process.

Deborah’s scientific knowledge, coupled with her continuing studies of Quantum Physics and Universal Truths enable her to better understand the physiological functions of the different tissues, organs and systems in the body and their corresponding emotional states. It’s an integral part of her client support, helping them discover and release the underlying causes of emotional and physical traumas.

Deborah guides people to gently release their learned beliefs, habits, patterns and traumas in favor of healthier choices that create calm, joy, and inner peace. This unique blend of energy psychology, science, and spirituality enables her to apply and teach easily learned principles that provide relief and hope, even in traumatic situations.

Easing pain and emotional distress in children and adults, whether from an illness or a traumatic event, is what drives Deborah’s unshakeable devotion to supporting those who are suffering with tools to navigate and self-empower – creating hope and well-being.

Deborah is the author of the beautifully illustrated book The Dragon with Flames of Love: Helping Children with Serious Illness Improve the Quality of Their Lives, dedicated to empowering anyone faced with the challenge of a serious illness to find relief and peace. She co-authored the book, Emotional First-Aid for Children – Compassion in Action, with Jondi Whitis, to provide practical instruction on preventing challenging life events from having traumatic effects on our children.

Deborah offers individual and group sessions in person and online. Her services, materials and books are available in both English and Spanish.


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