Episode Summary

The unprecedented speed of this global pandemic is creating organizational shock and uncertainty. Your corporate strategy became obsolete when the global economy shut down in March. There is no playbook for our current market dynamics and the CO19 is an impetus to reimagine, reinvent, and reinvigorate a portfolio approach to business model innovation.

Remote team leaders need mission-critical strategy alignment with the ability to turn daily huddles of their top priorities into visual strategies, so they can:

• Stabilize current and generate new revenues,

• Keep and maximize their talent capabilities,

• Collaborate with their teams digitally to co-create, and

• Enhance their brand value while they mitigate risk amid the CO19 storm.

Join us and senior leadership/board advisor and best-selling author of Relationship Economics, Co-Create, and the forthcoming Curve Benders, David Nour, as he shares insights from global executive conversations in the past six weeks, his research into Crisis Resilience, and innovation opportunities from Co-Creation.

Guest 1: David Nour

What are you seeing, hearing from global leaders in your coaching efforts?

What is Agile Alignment and why is it so crucial right now in coaching senior executives?

What is your research on Crisis Resilience uncovering in leadership shortcomings?

You wrote Co-Create a couple of years ago; why is the concept so relevant now in executive coaching and in the post-COVID19 world?

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