Phillip Lanos joins us to share his journey from childhood poverty, homelessness, acting and singing career, and family loss, to eventually being a successful podcaster and coach. Phillip gives us advice he has learned from six years of working as an editor, producer, and strategist for podcasting.


{01:30} Phillip’s journey

{31:13:} The importance of having all the conditions in place before making a deal.

{36:45} The common theme in the story of entrepreneurs

{43:20} The American dream, as an immigrant and an entrepreneur.

{50:00} Pushing past the norm.

Phillip Lanos Bio:

Phillip is an entrepreneur, consultant, digital marketer, author, and podcaster. He was previously the host of Entrepreneur and Ink Magazine podcast and is also the author of a personal development book called Pushing Past the Norm, which is available on Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

He has done over 2000 podcast interviews with some of the world’s most successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. His expertise and personal branding and podcast consulting, which includes working with notable figures such as Cal Fussman and Emmy Moran, along with his ability to help marketing agencies solve their quality of talent issues in their ranks, solidify his position as a top-tier talent in the industry. He’s also involved with business organizations such as Entrepreneur Organization, which is a global network of elite entrepreneurs with 167 chapters worldwide.

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