No, you’re not having dejavu. I wanted to kick of Season 7 of the Hearts Unleashed Podcast with familiar friend and guest, Gina Sachs. Gina is a small-town Missouri girl, right-hand woman to her husband’s concrete construction business, and stay-at-home mama to their son and two daughters. Her kindness company, started as a daydream back in 2017 to keep her from losing herself in wife, motherhood, and laundry. When Covid started the mental escape was no longer strong enough. She turned her dream into a reality and in early 2021 when she launched a series of kindness cards decks. In the Summer of 2023, she released a Kiddos kindness deck alongside her first book Ellie and Hip Share Kindness and we jumped on another interview to talk about it and celebrate her evolution and journey! Join us for a fun conversation about what can happen in three short years!