What you resist persists. I am often asked by clients about their concern that if they focus on their pain that they will amplify it. In a certain context, this is very true. When people constantly ruminate, repeat, relive, and recant our experiences doesn’t actually mean that we are processing them. To give space to the grief and pain or fear and anxiety or anger and rage means making room for emotions that we have been trying to manage, suppress, and compartmentalize. How would you feel if you were sharing something important to you and while you were talking, someone shut you up and put you in a closet? That is how your feelings feel. Closeted and desiring to be let out. You hold the key to the lock that keeps your feelings so rigidly contained. The magic is that when you intentionally give your feelings room to be felt, you are exercising them in a healthy way that doesn’t amplify them, it exhausts them. When you focus on feeling your feelings, you are spending them in a way that shifts (or alchemizes or transmutes them). You are expending them in a way that you can feel the energy of them leave your body and then set you free. Healing is in the feeling. And so is your emotional freedom. Give it a try with me in this episode.