When Alex Terranova was joking around with his cousin and coaching colleague, he said, “maybe I should just have you pick my girlfriend!” And so she did, along with a panel of five other coaches to help Alex find a date for a wedding and a girlfriend for the long haul. Through an intentional dating experiment, Alex and Erin have grown together and recreated their own love adventure to offer it to those also searching for an aligned significant other. Evin Rose is a Self Love and Dating Coach who has helped hundreds of women take an empowered approach to creating the love they desire and deserve. Alex Terranova is a Personal and Professional Performance Alchemist & Coach, 2x author, and podcast host who works with men whose achievements and financial successes have not created the rewarding, joyful, and fulfilling life and business they desire. Evin and Alex have taken the unique way they met and fell in love and created Your Love Adventure, a bold, fun, and heart-centered new approach to modern dating! In this episode, they share their experience and insights to help you find love too! Whether you are single and ready to mingle or already in relationship, this episode has nuggets of gold packed into every minute! Dig in today!