In this episode, I am sharing the joy of my newest book in print. Get to know my personal story through my first fictional narrative, Talking to the Trees! Learn more about the intricate details of my evolution translated into the adventures of Madeline, a young woman, on her first road trip across the country. Based on the true story of my own adventures the last 5 years, I published this book digitally last year because I had a big vision for it’s physical copy. I knew it needed more time to develop into its full potential. It is beautifully illustrated by Katie Willows, you will love this ‘adult children’s book’ designed to take you on a reading adventure. I am also sharing some of my own adventures here in Indiana as I prepare for our annual Hearts Unleashed Book Club Retreat and the launch of Hearts Unleashed House Publishing. Join me for some updates, inspirations, and celebrations in this 15 Min Fill Up.