Snooze your way to success with the understanding and awareness I offer in this 15 Min Fill Up. Adequate sleep has quickly become my favorite key to success and I can tell you, the more I rest, the more I am blessed! This message is the complete opposite of the outdated hustle and grind culture so many of us grew up in. I am here to debunk the myth that running yourself ragged is a solution to your problems or the way to achieve your dreams. Busy is not a badge of honor and exhaustion is no longer a status symbol. I am hear to encourage a healthy, well, and abundant approach to the life of your dreams and fulfilling your purpose on the planet. Think about it, if a machine is broken, it is no good in the field. If you are tired and run down, you are no good serving in the world. Take a nap, then come listen to this episode or visa versa. Either way, this episode will help you rest, recharge, and refuel your way to your vision.