Disclaimer: This is not an ‘episode’ to listen to while driving or operating machinery. Also, if you are experiencing a panic/anxiety attack and find yourself driving, it is advised to pull over and park until you feel composed and centered to get back on the road. Your safety and life are the highest priority. This week on the podcast, we are breaking the mold to bring you a highly requested anxiety meditation! There is no intro or outro on this meditation so that you may use it right in the moment to feel supported and guided through a moment of stress and overwhelm. I have used this work time and time again with myself, students, clients, and even family. I care deeply about people feeling cared for and held in their most vulnerable moments and this meditation was created for you when you need it most. Monday this week, we also released a sleep meditation that would compliment this meditation wonderfully. Again, these are highly requested meditations and I am happy to bring them to the podcast. I hope they serve you greatly. Enjoy.