Join us for an energized conversation and a highly anticipated episode with the Creator of Kindness Cards and CEO, Gina Sachs! Longtime friend, beautiful heart-centered mom, wife, and human has brought her dream to life by creating card decks with kindness reminders that you can do in 15 seconds or less! What a blessing to see her dream transform from not even a thought, to a seed of an idea and then into a full grown harvest of plenty where she is sowing more seeds of kindness throughout the world. Gina has expanded her belief system to make a global impact and have fun while doing it! Her kind heart, loving nature and vision has got her to this point and her playfulness, humor and joy will continue to have the tiny acts mission grow! If you would love to become part of this kindness movement and explore how to get paid to be you, this is a great episode to do exactly that.Tune in and then head straight to to grab your kindness cards today.