YOU CAN GET PAID TO BE YOU! This may actually be the first time you have ever read/heard that. So many of us have been raised to believe otherwise. You go to school, you are told what is important to learn, you are told to get a secure job, you are programmed what to desire, and to prioritize predictability over passion. This causes us to simply believe what we are told as truth. This causes us to set any other possibility to the side and go for what’s available to us as opposed to stretching for all that is possible. So I am hear to offer that you can get paid to be you. In this episode, I am teaching you a few different insights to consider when thinking about monetizing your most natural state of being. Fun surprise, this episode is not exclusive to entrepreneurs launching their own idea. This is meant for all people in all lines of work so dive in to make sure you are in alignment with your career. No matter who you are and where you come from, I am sharing the different components that come into play when it comes to you getting paid to be you. Join in and enjoy!