We are still kicking off the launch of the Money Mindset Series on the Hearts Unleashed Podcast and this second episode, Transforming Your Relationship With Money, is all about finding your starting set point. You cannot shift what you cannot see. Therefore, if you have a lack of awareness around your true money mindset, you will perpetuate loops of lack, scarcity, and fear, even if you have dreams and visions of creating heavy cash flow. This is the perfect episode to broaden your perspective and get a real look at your experience of money. What do you ALREADY think about money? What is your CURRENT relationship with money? How much money can you handle and how much is not enough/too much? Yes, there is a too much money point for you that currently acts as a ceiling for how much you can receive. Tune into today’s episode to find out where you stand with money and what you can do about it.