Have you ever crushed a brilliant and inspired idea with doubt, fear, guilt, and hesitation? In this 15 Min Fill Up, I am offering awareness and actions that will take you beyond your barriers and into a new realm of belief. Inspired by the book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, I am sharing her concept of how ideas try to enter this realm through the heads, hearts, and hands of people. When we block ideas from coming through us, they move on to someone else to manifest. Ideas are nondiscriminatory, humans are not. We reason, justify, and calculate ideas away from us and then struggle with feeling stuck, less than, or unmotivated. In this episode, I will teach you ways that you can unblock your brain and heart to let ideas flow through you like water. I will help you manifest your dreams into this reality with ease, grace, flow, and even some fun. Happy manifesting!