Have you ever heard of Human Design? I really like the original description of the concept by the creator, Ra Uru Hu, that describes it as a GPS system for your body. With four Human Designs, we all operate in different ways that help us succeed and thrive as our most authentic self. Understanding your HD means understanding the way that you are naturally built to function. Studying my own Human Design, a Projector, has set me free to unleash my most authentic heart and operate in my own most authentic fashion. This has been such a relief in the last few years of my life, relationships, and business. To find out more about which HD you are, join us for this interview with Miranda Mitchell. As a seasoned yoga practitioner and teacher, she has worked through the conditioning of her past experiences and beliefs through movement and breath. In this episode, she explains the many different ways we are built and how we can thrive in our most natural state of being. She even gives parents tips on how to raise children in accordance with their design as well! Become a better human by understanding your Human Design; you’ll be so happy once you discover and honor your internal guidance system. So join us now to gain insights and tools that you can apply to your life this very moment.