Success is your birthright. It is also a learned and practiced trait. While each and every one of us are deserving of success, abundance, and love, much of what we have seen or experienced in our lifetime contradicts that. So many of us are conditioned to focus on or believe in scarcity and lack and consequently, we hardly reach anything near our fullest potential. Beyond that, most of our definitions of success have been created by our upbringing, society, and consumerism. As you have heard me say before, you cannot shift what you cannot see so we are going to talk all about these subtle forms of self sabotage. In this episode, I am explaining how that scarcity mindset has been limiting you and how to identify it. In the second half of this episode, I am helping you reprogram your subconscious mind to solidify success into the core of who you are. We are talking about shifting into a belief system of abundance and allowing success to show up in your life. To top it all off, I am giving you permission to CELEBRATE YOURSELF! That’s right, my friend. The best way to solidify success is to celebrate it in a true and meaningful way, so put your party hat on for this 15 Min Fill Up because we are going to have some fun!