You can take your power back from your past and find gratitude for the path your life has taken. This often feels like a bold statement to make when I am not talking face to face with a person, and it feels like an important point to make nonetheless. When we experience trauma, it causes a wound that often stays open or heals incorrectly. If you broke a bone and ignored it, it would likely heal itself in a way that inhibits your functioning. It may slow you down, cause you pain, and prevent you from doing things you would like to. This is the same on an emotional level. When we neglect our emotional wounds, we are limited in our rage of emotion. We may struggle with trust issues. Our faith may become limited. We may have certain fears embedded in us because of these traumas and they prevent us from living in our present reality. This is how and why so many people sabotage being loved and cared for fully. Beyond that, the projection of our past skews our vision in our present and future and can further limit our range of motion into possibility, joy, play, and abundance. An invitation of this 15 Min Fill Up of the Growing Gratitude Series is to shift your pain into purpose and discover how your past has prepared you to be the gift that you are. Join us to start shifting today.