Experts encourage gratitude practices because they have studied and proven to be the pure magic of positivity. Where the real sorcery lies is within the sword of the tongue. The language we use carves our world. It slices and shapes our reality and we are hardly aware of exactly how sharp that knife is. Words are energy that turn into matter and when we spew hate, blame, and complaint without regard, we manifest more of the same. When we speak powerfully and empower others and our circumstances with our word, we create a reality that supports our world view. “Being in touch with reality” is completely relative because there are 7 billion people experiencing the world in 7 billion ways. Realizing that your word truly creates your world will set you up for success in your daily life. In this 15 Min Fill Up, I am talking about speaking patterns that diminish your power and block you from abundance. I also give you a few tips on how to level up your language. So if you are ready to create your world and shape it to be great, tune into this episode of the Growing Gratitude Series.