Withholding is something that we do to protect ourselves or punish someone else. When we withhold information, emotions, or communications, not only do we deny others the full experience of us, we deny ourselves full-fledged authenticity. This can be detrimental to our feelings of connectedness and may leave us and others feeling cut off, disconnected, and even isolated. So many people live unaware that their withholding is the source of their loneliness, anxiety, and depression. We are often withholding our truth for reasons justified as self-preservation and ultimately, the bi-product ends up being something more like self sabotage. By not allowing and expressing our love for one another, we are blocking the collective flow of love in this world. I share in this episode how it is not a question of if love exists in this world or between people. It is a matter of whether of not we are allowing it to flow between us. Today’s episode will not only explain the ways we block and miscommunicate our love. It will also teach you a few ways to let it flow freely. Free love = free mind and heart = your freedom. You might like what you find in today’s 15 Min Fill Up.