In my experience as a coach, I have learned that when someone comes to me in a breakdown, something is off in three key areas of life. Listening to them share and with a few key questions, I can usually identify what is causing the breakdown. This is so subtle that we hardly recognize the issue for ourselves if we don’t understand the 3 secrets to winning the game of life and in this episode, I want to give you the secrets to success. I love teaching people how to shift from surviving to thriving in life. If you hang out with me, I am going to remind you that we came here to thrive and shine, not just drag our feet begrudgingly through misery until our dreary end. You came here to have fun. You came here to laugh. You came here to share your gifts and enjoy the splendor that the miracle of life has to offer. Join me in this Friday Fill Up and fill up on the joy of living all over again.