Gut check time y’all! It is about this time of the year that separates the successful from the stuck. If you have fallen into the habit of chalking up the year any minute earlier than it is over, think again. Every moment is an opportunity to start over and it is never the right time to give up on living a healthy lifestyle and chasing your dreams. It has been so normalized over the years to stop trying, bail out of your goals during the holidays, and wait for a ‘fresh start’ on Jan 1. In this 15 Min Fill Up, I am covering the topics of seasonal depression, holiday triggers, fourth quarter consumerism, and more. I am also talking about how to thrive in this time of the year instead of just survive it, or worse, let it kick your ass. Don’t give up on this year, my friend. Don’t give up on yourself, ever. Tune into this episode for a quick pep talk as we enter a new season of success.